First, this web site is intended to the Filipino-Americans now living in the Philippines.


Rey Alcalde Sr studied hypnosis at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute located at Tarzana, California, the nation's first nationally accredited college of Hypnotherapy. He completed an additional year in residency and many more hours practicing the science of hypnotherapy, behavior modification techniques, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Born Reynaldo Galvez Alcalde on January 28, 1943, in Manila, Philippines, he is the founder of the “Philippines Hypnosis Association” established in 1998 with Dr. Roehl C. Salvador and Mr. Darlito De Roca. The rigid training has allowed him to master and teach the remarkable methods that enable his clients to change their desires into practical reality. With the use of visualization and imagery, Rey assists his clients to build confidence and self-esteem while reaching their personal goals and achieving the success they seek. His commitment is to empower individuals with their own inner abilities; activating anyone's inner ability to succeed, significantly reduce stress, eliminate self-defeating habits, overcome fears, and remove anxiety.


The suggestions Rey offers can be applied to improve a person’s general health and wellbeing while equipping them with the necessary tools and focus to stop smoking, manage pain, and reduce weight. Eliminate stressful reactions, experience better sleep, and enhance performance abilities. You can gain greater self-control and live a more productive, balanced lifestyle.

His practice is bonded and covered by malpractice insurance


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